Q: What is a Renewal Cycle & CEU? 
A: A renewal cycle is a required licensure process for all certified staff and teachers to renew their license. CEU = Continuing Education Unit. 

Q: When do teachers begin collecting Renewal Credits or CEUs? 
A: Once a teacher holds a Standard Professional II License, renewal credits (CEUs) begin to accumulate. BTs do not have a renewal cycle. However, during their first three years of teaching participation in staff development activities is still required and will be recorded in the HRMS system. 

Q: Where can I find out about my renewal cycle? 
A: Your five year renewal cycle is noted on your current teaching license. However, you may access your CEU credit history online at: When you enter this web address a screen will pop up stating “HRMS currently requires Internet Explorer for all features except (look up my CEUs which also works with Firefox)” Click OK. Then click Lookup my CEUs/UID. You will then enter your social security number (nine digits with no hyphens) and click Lookup. Your UID and your renewal credits will be on the screen. Pay attention to your current license cycle. The UID is the number that you use for your McREL observations if you are evaluated with this process. 
You can only get this information when you are on campus. 

Q: Who approves any professional/staff development I choose to take? 
A: Your Principal/Assistant Principal and the funding Director at the Greene County Central Office. 

Q: To whom do I submit a CEU? 
A: Julie Sutton. 
NOTE: If you take staff development in our school system with a group, check with your facilitator to see if he/she turned in CEU information to Julie. If so, you do not need to submit anything.

Q: What does she need from me? 
A: A copy of the certificate earned and a completed, signed copy of the Greene County Schools Staff Development Request/Approval Form.

Q: Are these copies kept in my Personnel File? 
A: No. Therefore, please keep your original documentation and only send a copy. 

Q: Am I notified about my license expiring? 
A: Yes. Each February a CEU history report will be sent to all certified staff that will be renewing their license that year. Don’t forget that you can check this as described in question 3 above. 

Q: How do I calculate CEUs? 
A: The following list should be used as a guide. 
 30 Minutes .050
 45 Minutes .075
 60 Minutes (1 Hour)                        .1
 5 Hours .5
 10 Hours 1.0
 16 Hours 1.6
 1 Semester Hour 1.5
 3 Semester Hours 4.5
 5 Semester Hours 7.5

Q: What is the smallest CEU unit that I can turn in? 
A: We would prefer that the smallest request that we receive to enter will be 1. CEU. If you have credits for 30 minutes, 45 minutes or an hour we would prefer that you combine these together so that you will have at least 1.0 CEU keyed into your data sheet on HRMS.